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Behind every Moroccan rug is a story

Moroccan rugs are the weaves, carpets and textiles that have been traditionally hand woven in Morocco.

Rugs were made for their utility rather than for decorative purposes.

They are renowned for their strong use of colour and geometric designs

The rich tradition of Moroccan weaving has emerged from a number of different weaving societies and the Moroccan women are still at the heart of the rug making process. They carry on the weaving techniques of ancient traditions and document the beauty and diversity of traditional Moroccan rug making still today. 


Rug Care

Moroccan rugs are generally quite hard wearing by nature.


A rug pad or underlay is recommended to use to help secure and extend longevity of the rug.


Most Boucherouite rugs can be washed in the washing machine at 20 degrees and low spin cycle, no tumble drying recommended but hang to dry. 


Newer wool rugs often release excess wool in the beginning. Hoovering is sufficient to keep clean, and mild wool soap can be used to remove any unwanted spots.

A professional carpet cleaner can also be used if necessary. 

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